General pointers regarding a courtesy car

In most comprehensive insurance policies, you’ll be entitled to a courtesy car. You may receive one of these vehicles if you’re involved in an accident too, as your set of wheels can get repaired. You’ll usually be able to make use of the vehicle up until your car is fit to be driven again.
However, you must be aware that you may have to take your car to a specific garage that’s been approved by your insurer in order to be given a courtesy car. What’s more, an insurer may not give you access to one if they have the opinion that your vehicle is a write-off. If you don’t have hire car cover — something that isn’t often included within even a comprehensive policy but an add-on instead — you may even be left without a single car in the event of a bad accident.

  • If you are in an accident on the road and no other driver is involved, then your entitlement to a courtesy car while your own is being fixed will depend on your insurance policy.
  • If you have an accident involving another driver but you’re at fault, you will be unable to claim against the other motorist for repair of your vehicle or indeed to replace the car. When it comes to claiming on your motor insurance policy, the same parameters will apply as detailed above if you have an accident with no other driver involved.
Courtesy Cars